Why Fast-The Physical?

The Physical

Anything that God ordains has benefits for us here on earth. Yes, fasting has great spiritual benefits but there are very real and  tangible rewards in the flesh, or shall I say for our flesh. Fasting, when properly done, can provide great benefits for our physical bodies.

Americans are sick. Everything from Arthritis to Zits, you name it, we've got it. The church is no exception. Ever been to a church when a well-known healer comes to visit? Have you ever noticed how long the healing line is? Come back to that church a year later and look at the line.  It will be just as long, with many of the same people in it.

God did not intend for us to be sick. He did not originally intend for us to be healed because we should not have been sick in  the first place. You only need healing if you are sick. Man was cast out of the Garden of Eden, cast out of perfect harmony, cast out of a perfect life, and cast out of perfect health when he (or they) ate the wrong thing. We've been eating the wrong things ever since then.

When we eat the wrong things, we eventually get sick, or at least do not have the health and vitality that we should possess.  Proper fasting allows God through nature to heal the body. Look at nature for a minute.

If you have a cat or a dog, think about their behavior. If you do not have a cat or dog, then ask someone who does and they will verify what I'm going to tell you. What happens when a cat or a dog gets sick? What do they eat?

Think about this VERY CAREFULLY!

What do they eat when they are sick? Is it PUPPY CHOW®? NINE LIVES®? GRAVY TRAIN®? PUSS 'N BOOTS®? Well, what do they eat? Anyone that has a cat or dog can tell you instantly what they eat when they are sick.



Animals instinctively, automatically know what is best for them and they FAST! Man is the only creation on the earth that will force himself to eat when he is sick, all of God's other creations know better. They fast.

Man possesses a higher intelligence and is in an entirely different category than the other animals but our bodies work remarkably similar. That is why scientific researchers can test pre-market products on animals. They know the animals' bodies react just as ours do.  What hurts their bodies hurts ours and what heals their bodies also heals ours.

I am not advocating animal testing but the connection is undeniable. Their bodies respond similarly to ours.

The same principles of basic health apply. The  same foods affect different species of animals with similar metabolic processes and digestive systems in the same way. What causes animals (with similar metabolic processes and digestive systems to ours) to get sick also causes us to get sick. What causes them to get well, causes us to get well. If their bodies work like ours, their bodies will react like ours. You don't need a medical research degree to figure that out.

Fasting is a natural instinct among the animal kingdom when something is wrong with their bodies. They know to stop eating. We may not feel hungry when we are sick but we have been conditioned to eat for strength and to get well.

The digestion of food, especially the typical American diet, takes a tremendous amount of energy. That is why after a big meal you feel sleepy. It can take several days for the typical meal to pass through your body. It takes all of your energy trying to digest that big meal. The body works overtime.

When the body stops digesting food, digestion energy is transferred to do other things. It is those "OTHER THINGS" that the body does with this energy that makes a fast so beneficial.

The minute the digestion energy is released from digestion, the body starts to use it. What does your body do with it? It starts to do primarily ONE THING. It is this one thing that makes fasting so powerful  and yet so dangerous. This one thing allows for miraculous cures and instant recoveries of all types of diseases. Once it is understood, there is nothing magical about it. It is simple, but most things of great power are at the root,  simple.

This one thing can make such a transformation in your life and health that you will become a permanent believer in the power of fasting for your health.

This one thing, if not understood, can also make you never want to try fasting again. It is nothing new but most people have never heard of it. Most ministers have never spoken on it. Most doctors are even unaware of its mechanism or that it exists. Any fasting book for health will  talk about it, but most of us have never read a book on the PHYSICAL HEALTH aspects of fasting.

This is the ONE PRINCIPLE that you must thoroughly understand and know! If you do not understand this, ignorance can discourage, discomfort, or KILL YOU!