What Is Fasting?

What is Fasting?

Fasting is the abstaining from ALL FOOD. Fasting means taking in nothing but WATER. NO JUICE, NO FRUIT, NO TEAS, NOTHING BUT WATER.

Often people will make the comment, "I'm fasting,  I just have my coffee in the morning and a sandwich in the afternoon." That is not fasting. Fasting in its strictest sense is the total abstinence from anything considered food, and that's anything but water. There are modified fasts such as a juice fast, i.e., consuming nothing but fruit and/or vegetable juices or a fruit fast, consuming nothing but raw fruits.

There are other such fasts that abstain from everything EXCEPT the item that precedes the word "fast". For example, a grapefruit fast, is abstaining from everything except grapefruits. Many health enthusiasts, for particular reasons, may place individuals on particular types of fasts restricting them to one or a group of foods (usually fruits or teas), for healing purposes.

This book deals with the true fast, NOTHING BUT WATER. When I use the word fast, just as in the scriptures, I mean nothing but water.

Many ask, "If I'm on a fast can I have a little piece of fruit, or a little piece of bread?" Or a little piece of "you fill in the  blank." If it isn't water, the answer is no! A true fast is NOTHING BUT WATER and more specifically, pure water.


We may talk about sex being the strongest fleshly drive, but it is not. We may think ego is the strongest of the fleshly impulses, but it is not. From the day we are born, the desire for food reigns dominant.