This Is Me-Author Bio

(or at least a certain  part)

I, Nathaniel Bronner Jr., am a scientist.  In 1977, I graduated from Eckerd College  (formerly Florida Presbyterian College) in St. Petersburg Florida with a B.S. in Chemistry. I am not just a scientist by educational training, but one by nature.  There is a difference in a scientist and a technician. A technician takes known procedures and knowledge and routinely applies them to particular circumstances.  Technicians exist in all walks of life, not just science.

A scientist seeks not to routinely use established  knowledge but to find the unknown. They seek to discover the hidden, to learn what the masses are ignorant of, and to shed light where darkness abides. A scientist has a mentality of seeking, a technician has a mentality of using.  Both mentalities are necessary and present in every individual but in different  proportions.

Knowledge is not limited to science. Knowledge is science. I learned in school the "so called" hierarchy of knowledge. It is an  inverted pyramid as follows:

The Knowledge Pyramid
from my college's point of view

God, Spiritual and the Supernatural

Groups of bio-systems

Mind-Soul with bio-sys

Malfunction of bio-sys

Math, Physics, & Chemistry with Life Force added

Math & Physics applied with Molecular interaction

Math applied to objects, Relativity involved

The simplest knowledge. No need for experience

For the THOROUGH and COMPLETE understanding of each level you MUST understand the level below it.  If you do not understand the level below it, that does not mean you cannot function at that level.  It just means that you do not have complete understanding.

Here's an example of how the hierarchy of knowledge works. Let's look at something we do daily - driving a car.

The Hierarchy of Knowledge of the Basic Automobile


(Pressure plate clutch or hydraulically operated automatic with torque converter)

Four cycle internal combustion engine

(the four cycles - intake, compression, explosion, exhaust)

(carburetor or fuel injection)


Ignition and combustion of alkanes

Petroleum (crude oil and it's refinement into gasoline)

Those are just very broad generalizations to get power to the  wheels. Do you know exactly where tires come from and how they are made? How metals are smelted and cast? How wire is made? What about the glass for the windshield? What makes the mirror reflective? What makes the turn signals blink off and on? How does the radio tune to each station and how does the amplifier in it work? Each component in itself is a blend of sub-components that is an  engineering feat.

Usually, we understand the component as it is and how it  BASICALLY functions, not how it came to be or its intricate workings. Our understanding the component as it is dwindles when we try to explain the complete function of it.

Think of the simplest item in a car. Look around your car and  find the simplest item. What is it, maybe a knob? That's simple enough isn't it?  Well, not exactly. What is it made of? Plastic? What kind of plastic and how is it made? "Uh . . . maybe poly . . . let me see what else is simple." Maybe there isn't anything really simple. Understand this.

Creating an automobile involves thousands of processes that the average person or even mechanic has no idea of how they came to be, or what they are. Yet, if every adult were asked if they understood what an automobile was, they would answer, "Yes."

Almost every adult can drive. They can successfully operate and  (some) even repair a car. But our knowledge of things we use every day is very limited when it comes to THOROUGH and COMPLETE understanding.

QUICK FASTING has nothing to do with cars. It does have  something to do with a more thorough and complete understanding. Cars are  simple. The knowledge is there for any person that chooses to learn. It is  complete, and it is flawlessly reproducible. Cars fit into the first three  levels of knowledge. They involve nothing more than math, physics and chemistry and rudimentary biology since many of the raw materials and fuels have organic origins.

This book deals with the top levels. The human body, mind, and  spirit makes a car look like a child's set of building blocks. It is similar to the automobile, just infinitely more complicated. I am like a little child riding in a car that I do not completely understand. I hear noises, look out the window, make correlations between what I believe is cause and effect, but I make no claim to thoroughly understand the vehicle. It is not simple.

We may think modern man understands biology and medicine, but do we really? The best doctors and researchers still do not know exactly what  causes our leading diseases. Theories abound but we do not know exactly what causes cancer. We still have no cure in sight. We do not know why some get sick  and others do not under virtually identical circumstances.

In the ancient days when man did not understand something, he attributed it to the gods. That's why there was a god for every natural  occurrence; a rain god, a fertility god, a sun god, a moon goddess, etc., until the nature of the scientist in a few men banished those gods and replaced them  with knowledge. Science did not banish the things man does not know, it actually  increased our awareness of them. The list is not only long, we don't even know the full list.

I consider myself to be an extremely well-educated and  enlightened person. I can safely say that I know more than most. I can also say I am aware of my ignorance more than most.

I have given this prelude so you understand that I am about to  take you for a ride in a car that I do not THOROUGHLY and COMPLETELY understand. I don't feel bad about that because neither does anyone else in the flesh thoroughly and completely understand it either.  Not doctors, not researchers, not the natural health practitioners, not the  government, and no, not even preachers (of which I just happen to be one) COMPLETELY understand anything.

"For we know in part, and we
prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away."
(1 Cor. 13:9-10)

I am not the driver on your fasting trip. I am a  passenger with only a certain amount of control over the car. I can help you  influence its direction and speed. The road may be very curved. There are twists and turns that can boggle the mind. It is difficult to tell how each journey will end or what territories each traveler will wind through.  It will make sense in the end, but getting to the end is not easy.  Buckle your seat belt and  unbuckle your mind, this ain't no ordinary ride.

I don't know what you will think about the truth of fasting. It  is true no matter what you think about it. More accurately I should say it is truth from my perspective, knowledge and experience. When I finished my first  fast over seven days, my skin was as smooth as a baby's. Family and friends noticed the tremendous change. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt fasting works.  That is my story. There are always three sides to every story. The two sides and the truth. This is my side.

What do I do for a living, other than writing? I am a chemist, a pastor, (The ARK of Salvation, hear my sermons and get my FREE daily inspirational E-Mail at www.AirJesus.com).  You will also see the other spiritual websites at AirJesus.com.

My main area of expertise is in cosmetic chemistry. I have  developed over 70 cosmetic products, many of which are on your grocery and drug store shelves now. I have also created or developed several other products in many different areas.

I have written five books (most are available at HitBooks.com), built a recording studio and produced and engineered four albums (now CDs), developed an electronic home product, developed a pet product, two computer programs and created a relaxation tape called "SLEEP OF THE WOMB," a relaxation tape that features the actual sounds from the inside of a woman's womb against a background of the sounds of nature. The sounds of the womb causes an infant to sleep, it also relaxes an adult. Yes, the tape really works!

The company I founded and am president of developed several  products that you will find in thousands of health food stores and beauty  salons. MIRACLE 2000® is what many consider the most amazing nutritional product on the market. Of course I  would say that since I created it but look at what's in it. The 26 major vitamins and minerals, many at 300% of the RDA, 18 herbs, over 70 trace ionic minerals, blue green algae, antioxidants, amino acids, aloe and other nutrients  are contained in an easily assimilated and swallowed liquid form. MIRACLE  2000® is a great tasting liquid and one ounce gives you the supplementation that normally requires several different products for less than 1.00 per day. GOOD HAIR®, is a high power nutritional supplement for hair, skin and nails.

The Cleaner® is a detox capsule that contains over 25 different powerful herbs and minerals. It can help during the prefast regime by helping to clean out a lot of the mess faster. You can read about The Cleaner® at TheCleaner.com.

MIRACLE OIL®, and MIRACLE LOTION®, are products that I developed as a natural treatment especially for dry skin. I will talk about two of these later as they relate particularly to fasting.  HEARTMIRACLE® can be seen online at  www.heartmiracle.com.

As you can see, I have quite a varied professional life. I have  always made it a point to try to understand things from the ground up. I have  always viewed the body as the most valuable material possession that you own and that we should treat it as such.

The more you understand, the more you can do. How did I get from  chemistry to a book on fasting? As I said, I am a scientist, a seeker of truth.  When you start a journey seeking truth, there are at least two places your journey will take you.

First, where you didn't expect to  go.

Second, to a place that won't be crowded when you get there.

Truth began for me with the physical body. At age 17, (I was born on December 31, 1955, so you can figure out how old or young I  am now) my father took me to The American Natural  Hygiene Society Convention in Rockford, Illinois. We stayed on a college  campus for a week. We were taught and lectured daily by doctors. They explained how and why we should live a healthy lifestyle.

The subjects included diet, (why meat, dairy and most processed foods were not in the best interest of your health), exercise, fresh air, peace of mind and of course, fasting.

There was no spirituality involved. It was strict science. We  were dealing with medical professionals that were convinced that a natural lifestyle was your best insurance against disease and a premature death.

That one week forever changed my life. Even at 17, I was a  scientist. I could see and understand the statistics. I understood the physiology of the digestive system. The science of proper food combining and the interaction of the digestive juices on different food combinations made sense.

Of the major destructive behaviors, most people know they are  destructive. Everyone now knows cigarettes are destructive. We know that excess weight is destructive. We know it is destructive not to exercise regularly. We know living in a smog filled city is destructive. We know fried, fatty foods are  destructive. We know refined sugar sweets are destructive. We know violent movies and television shows ultimately are destructive. We know marijuana, crack, cocaine, heroin, etc. are all destructive.

First, the knowledge of good and evil must be attained. When you know something is destructive or harmful, you have attained the knowledge of good and evil.

Second, the knowledge must be acted upon.To know smoking kills you prematurely does you no  good if you continue to smoke. To know fatty foods are bad for you does you no good unless you reduce your consumption of them.

The American Natural Hygiene Society Convention gave me the knowledge of good and evil when it  came to taking care of the body. I became very sensitive to this. I decided at  the age of 17, I would use that knowledge of good and evil as it related to  health, because quite frankly, I like my body.

It functions and serves me well. When it hurts or is sluggish, I  don't like it. Furthermore, it's the only body I have, I cannot trade it in and getting the body fixed is usually painful and expensive. In addition, replacement parts are never as good as the original equipment. I made it a point to take excellent care of my body. I simply decided that I would take better care of my body than I would my car.

Unlike my body, I can always buy or lease another car. Although I believe in divine miraculous healings, too many people are sick in the church.  I believe that a divine healing is only second best. Not getting sick is best of  all.

Therefore, I concentrated on reading, learning, attending  seminars and practicing things that related to keeping my body healthy naturally.

Ironically, most Americans are far more concerned about their  car's health than they are about their health. Dick Gregory said, "If a news report came out that smoking in your car would corrode your engine, people would stop smoking in their cars. If a report came out that buckling your seat belt would give you two more miles per gallon, people would buckle their seat belts.  If the news reported that a local gas station was selling cheap gas with water in it that would rust your engine out in five years, people would avoid that gas station."

Unfortunately, this is true, all too true. We would stop  behavior that would endanger our cars, but we will not stop behavior that will  endanger our bodies. I care and focus on preserving my body more than I focus on preserving my car. After all, when I finish with my car, I will sell it back to the dealer, and he will sell it to someone, maybe you.

It has been over 20 years since I attended The American Natural Hygiene Society  Convention. In all that time, in all of my research, with all the lectures, not one jot or tidbit of what was taught at the first convention was invalidated. The American Natural Hygiene Society was based upon a natural way of living that will never be invalidated or improved upon because it is Eden's way of life.

Breastfeeding a baby will never be improved upon. We may get  more convenience, fancier and more colorful packaging, freedom to move about in public, fancy advertising and promises of what wonders the new man-made milk  that can last on the shelf for years will do. MADison Avenue will promise us anything, make us want anything, then deliver us anything. Unfortunately, the thing it delivers does not really do what we think, nor is it best for  us.

The MAD in MADison Avenue may indicate that you've got to be  crazy to believe everything that advertising tells you. Man's version of New and Improved may be new, but is usually not improved.

No matter how man fiddles with the first food from our birth,  the nipple is still best, and there is nothing that we can, or should, do about  it.

Much of the knowledge of The American Natural Hygiene Society is summed up in what I consider to be the best book on diet and health available, FIT FOR LIFE by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. FIT FOR LIFE is available in virtually all major bookstores.

The Diamonds took the principles of The American Natural Hygiene Society and condensed them into an easy to understand format for the general  public. The Diamonds even credit Herbert Shelton, founder of The American  Natural Hygiene Society, for much of the knowledge that they have. So do I. Much of what I know about fasting, I learned from attending The American Natural  Hygiene Society Convention Seminars across the country and internationally.

This is a little of my background. I say a little because no  person is really known by their business or professional pursuits. The real  person is something far more subtle than "what do you do for a living." I am  probably quite different from the average chemist since I avoid what are commonly considered chemicals in my own life.

I found fasting while seeking to maintain my vehicle, the one  that carries my spirit, not the automobile.

I question things. That leads you to learn, but it can also get  you in trouble, especially when people don't want you to know the real answer, the truth.

QUICK FASTING is not about me, but you may need to know  something about how I got on this road. You needed to know why I had questions when Dick Gregory told me that my skin would dry out.