The Pre-Fast Program


In the previous chapter "HOW MUCH OF A TOXIC DUMP ARE YOU?" we discussed how to determine your level of toxicity. The pre-fast  program is strictly to REDUCE the level of toxicity in the body to a point where  a full fast will not be harmful. The more toxic your body is, the longer the pre-fast program should be.

The pre-fast program is in itself a fast. Although not a full fast, the pre-fast program performs a milder version of what  the full fast does. There are many different types of pre-fast programs.  Different health professionals will favor different versions but there is one that is agreed upon by almost everyone. It's taken straight from the Bible. Some would call it a fruit fast. I like to call it "The Eden Diet."

And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. Gen. 1:29

The rule is simply this: If it fits what God  allowed in the Garden of Eden when man was in perfection, then eat it.

As I mentioned, I am a Christian, so I am partial to a particular spiritual viewpoint and set of scriptures. No matter what your  spiritual beliefs are, the principles are what natural health experts recommend and they work. Fasting is universal in its spiritual or non-spiritual  application.

So if it is raw (not cooked, pasteurized, or processed in any way), not of an animal but of herbal (plant) origin, you can eat it. That's it, that's the Eden Diet. That also means NO SALT and NO SUGAR!!!

All questions about what you can eat on The Eden Diet are answerable with, "Sure it's OK to eat, as long as it's an herb (meaning  plant) and as long as it's not cooked or altered in any way."

What about vegetables. . . sure it's OK to eat, as long as it's an herb (meaning plant) and as long as it's not cooked or altered  in any way.

What about nuts. . . sure it's OK to eat, as long as it's an herb (meaning plant) and as long as it's not cooked or altered in any  way. Go easy on the nuts though. Nuts are concentrated protein foods and are  rather difficult to digest. In addition, there is not much water in nuts. High  water content foods are a necessity since they are the foods that flush the  body.

What about fruit juices. . . isn't that altered from the garden? Yes, but . . . sure it's OK to eat, as long as it's an herb  (meaning plant) and as long as it's not cooked or altered in any way. Eat the  fruit whole, (you need the fiber) just the way it was intended from the garden.

What about bread. . . that isn't from the garden.

What about honey. . . what plant makes honey?

The Eden Diet is an excellent pre-fast program.  It's simple and it works. The enzymes from the fresh unaltered and uncooked  fruits and vegetables work wonders on the system. Yes, vegetables can be eaten uncooked and raw.

It's interesting that cooked corn often goes through the digestive system with the kernels still intact. When corn is  eaten raw, it's all digested, there are no kernels left in the stool. Raw corn is sweet too, where do you think they get corn syrup to sweeten so much stuff from? Okra, broccoli, and other vegetables can all be eaten raw. They flush out the body in many ways and prepare the body for the full fast.

Citrus fruits are especially good for this.  Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and tangerines all work within the body to  neutralize the toxins and get them out of the body. The other rule of The Eden Diet: Eat one thing at a time and allow at least 20 to 30 minutes between different types of foods.

The one food at a time is nature's way. Again notice, only man combines more than one type of food at a meal. All animals in  nature eat ONE THING at a time. The single food allows for greater and faster detoxifying than eating combination of foods.

You may even notice some of the same effects of the FAST FLUSH with The Eden Diet. The Eden Diet will not only begin the detox  process, but if maintained long enough, will cause many miraculous self healings in itself. No doctor can cure you. Doctors do not have the power to heal. Only God can do that and he has placed the power within your own body and within the  foods that have been placed in the garden for you.

How long should you continue on
The Eden Diet
before you begin the full fast?

First, you can not overdue The Eden Diet!

You could stay on The Eden Diet for the rest of your life and you would be healthier and live longer than if you ate the Standard American Diet. Compared to The SAD  Diet,
The Eden Diet would guarantee you as full a life as possible. If you stay on The Eden Diet your health should be just about  perfect and disease free.

So how long do you stay on The Eden Diet? For at least as many days as you intend to fast or until the FAST FLUSH symptoms  disappear. When the FAST FLUSH symptoms of bodily cleansing disappear, you know that your body has reached a certain level of cleanliness. The shock of the full fast will be abated tremendously by this initial cleansing with The Eden Diet.

Pre-fast preparation is VERY IMPORTANT to minimize the discomfort of a fast. The cleaner your body, the fewer problems you will have. The more toxic your body, the greater the discomfort of the FAST FLUSHING process. Remember, it is NOT the lack of nourishment that will cause  problems during a fast, it is the release of toxins into the system.

Please note the warning on page four for diabetics  as well as those with ulcers. These are special conditions that make it  inadvisable to fast. Any person with serious illness should ALWAYS consult a  physician or, even better, a natural practitioner with fasting knowledge and experience before attempting a fast. That brings us to the next chapter.