RU A Toxic Dump?


Before attempting to fast, it is a good idea to try to get some idea of exactly how much M.E.S.S. you are carrying around in your system. There are two basic ways to roughly estimate this. Neither is complicated or will involve sophisticated medical equipment. Both are fairly accurate.

When toxins enter the body, the body knows this stuff is not good for it. The body tries to do one of three things with them:

1. Burn them up in metabolic processes (that is, use it for  food).

2. Eliminate them through an organ of elimination.

3. Bind them up and store them out of the way for years.

Since the body knows these toxins are not good for it, it recognizes them for what they are: M.E.S.S.

If our bodies can use them for food at least that gets rid of  it. If our bodies can eliminate them, that gets rid of it, too. If our bodies can't do either of the two, they are left with only the third option: Put the M.E.S.S. in a form that can be stored the safest and put them away.

There are two easy methods to determine how much M.E.S.S. is in you.

For the first method you will need:

1. Full length mirror

2. Privacy

3. Honesty

Get alone in front of the full length mirror. Lock the door. Take off all of your clothes. Be honest about what you see.

Look particularly at your midsection. Is it bloated? Is there a potbelly there?
Are there rolls of fat protecting (or suffocating) your stomach? If there are, then chances are you are pretty toxic.  If your abdominal section is distended, more than likely it is packed full of dead and decaying material that is highly toxic.

Do you have a bowel movement  for each meal that you eat?

Yes, you should have a bowel movement for each  meal that you eat. Regular is NOT ONCE A DAY, regular is ONCE PER  MEAL. Think again about your cat or dog. They have a bowel movement for each meal that they eat. So should you.

If the answer to the distended stomach question is yes and the answer to the bowel movement question is no, chances are you are very toxic on the inside.

"But everybody else's stomach looks like this, too, and they don't sit on the commode a bit more than I do!" you say.

You have a valid point but everyone else in hell will not make you cool. America's health is not very good. We have sickness on every hand and in almost every body. Because everyone else is unhealthy does not justify your being unhealthy. Another person's sin does not excuse your own.

The second test is simple also. Again you will need no fancy equipment or trained medical personnel. You probably already know the answer to this one without having to experiment.


If you get a headache when you miss a meal, then you are extremely toxic. Fast with just water for 24 hours. If you feel sick, get headaches, or if you are dizzy or extremely weak, you are very toxic. It's normal to feel hunger, but not sickness. If you feel sick it means the FAST FLUSH is really pouring M.E.S.S. toxins into your bloodstream at a very high rate.

If your body shows signs of being extremely toxic,  you need to go on a pre-fast regimen before going on a full fast. This will be a lot easier and safer on you and your body. Even the pre-fast regimen will not be easy. When M.E.S.S. comes out, it's not pleasant whether you are in a full fast or not.

The highly toxic condition is where fasting can be dangerous. If you do not gradually reduce the toxins in your body, a full fast can be a devastating shock on the system and it may not be able to handle the toxins that pour forth.

Besides the visual inspection and the 24 hour fast, you can ask yourself a few questions that will give you insight as to whether your body may be highly toxic.

A yes answer to these questions means a higher probability of high toxicity and a greater need for a pre-fast regimen.

1. Are you a current or former smoker?

2. Do you work or socialize around smokers?

3. Do you eat much meat?

4. Do you eat many dairy products?

5. Do you have less than one bowel movement per meal?

6. Are you presently on, or have you ever been on, heavy medications or drugs (legal or illegal)?

7. Do you not exercise regularly?

8. Are you more than 20 pounds overweight?

9. Do you drive in congested traffic or live near air pollution?

10. Do you drink less than eight glasses of water daily?

11. Do you eat less than five servings of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables daily?

12. Do you work in an industrial environment with a lot of chemicals?

13. Do you take laxatives?

14. Does your family have a history of short life span?

15. Do you have constant mucus (stuffy nose, sinus congestion, cannot breathe through nostrils clearly, etc.)?

16. Do you have a "bad" body odor without deodorant?

17. Do you have "bad breath" and constantly chew gum to cover it up?

18. Do you get sick easily and have many colds?

19. Do you have a major illness?

20. Do you have many minor illnesses such as arthritis, bad skin (psoriasis, acne, etc.)?

Go through these 20 questions. Many yes answers indicate the probability of a highly toxic body.

Fasting can do wonders in such conditions but the cautions must be observed. The body has to be slowly and safely detoxified.

You must remember, you did not become toxic overnight, it took many years. Do not expect to clean it overnight. If you have been clogging it up for 40 years, at least allow one day per year of your age to clean it out.  The next chapter deals with a pre-fast regimen.

The pre-fast program is strictly to REDUCE the  level of toxicity in the body to a point where a full fast will not be harmful..