Plenty From Both Ends

You must put plenty of water in your body from both ends!

The top end:

You MUST drink PLENTY of PURE WATER during your  fast. Water is essential to life. Water is essential to health.  Clean water is essential to cleansing.

Remember this rule applies to anything in the world:


Think of cleaning your house, clothes or car. You  cannot clean any of them, without making something dirty. There is nothing dirty in the universe that you can clean without making something else  dirtier.

Consider this:

 If you mop the floor, you make the mop and the mop water dirty.

 If you dust the furniture, you make the dust rag dirty.

 If you vacuum the carpet, you make the bag in the vacuum cleaner dirty.

 If you wash the dishes, you make the dishwater dirty.

 If you wash your car, you make rags and water dirty.

 If you take a bath, you leave a ring in the bath tub, while most of the dirt goes down the drain in dirty water headed on its way to make the sewer dirtier.

You cannot make something clean without making something else dirty. "What about if I sterilize it?" you ask. If you place  something contaminated with germs on it under ultraviolet light or radiation, it will not make the light or the radiation dirty, that is true. But neither is anything being cleaned. Germs are being killed. The germs are still there, they are just DEAD. The law still applies. You can kill without being killed, but you  cannot clean without something getting dirty.

Something has to take away and bear the dirt.

When you fast, that something that takes away and  bears the dirt is WATER! You must pour plenty of water into your body from the top end. That means you must drink plenty of water.

You should drink 1/2 of your weight in water converted to ounces EVERY DAY whether you are fasting or not.

The original standard rule is that you should drink 8- 8 oz.  glasses of water every day. That rule is only a general average, but may not be correct for every person.

I will admit, if most people would drink 8 - 8 oz. glasses of  water daily, it would be a vast improvement, but it may not be what they need for optimum health. I will explain why the 8 glass-a-day standard may not be right for you.

Science has long understood that medicines should be  administered based on the condition and the SIZE of the person. The bigger a person (all other things being equal), the more medicine they need. Body weight makes a BIG difference in the effect of drugs, foods, alcohol and water.

If one person weighs 105 pounds and another weighs 285 pounds, common sense would tell you that they need different amounts of things (all other things being equal). I say "all other things being equal" because the small person could have a higher metabolism and actually burn up more food than the larger person, but this is usually more the exception than the rule.

Bigger people usually need more of anything material. They may be bigger for all the wrong reasons, but when it comes to water, bigger people need more water.

The 285 pound man or woman needs more water for their body to be at optimum health than the 105 pound person. This is just plain common sense.  You do not need fancy studies to recognize this.

So the rule is not eight glasses of water a day. The rule is 1/2  your body weight converted in ounces per day. If you weigh 150 pounds, then you should drink 75 ounces of water a day. If you weigh 128 pounds, then you should drink 64 ounces of water daily, or 8 glasses. If you weigh 105 pounds, then you  only need 53 ounces of water per day.

Body Weight in pounds divided by 2 equals
The amount of water you should drink daily in ounces

Your requirements may vary if you perform heavy exercises that cause water loss or if you live in extreme heat.

This is the rule for water intake when you are NOT fasting. Your  intake of water should nearly DOUBLE when you fast.

Water does several things. First, it makes you feel full.  Drinking water during a fast keeps the stomach full and reduces the feeling of hunger.

Second, it helps to flush the system of the M.E.S.S. toxins.  Water is a good cleaner, and it is absolutely safe.

You must drink plenty of water during a fast.
This is the first half of the vital rule of fasting.

You should drink 75 to 100 percent of your body weight converted to ounces of water while you fast. If you weigh 200 pounds, then drink 150 to 200 ounces of water a day. That is a lot of water.

Do not take long automobile trips while your stomach is full of  water. Do not get on small airplanes with no bathroom after you have just filled your stomach with water. Do not sit on a podium where you cannot leave several times if you have just filled your stomach with water.

When you drink that much water, you will probably need to  urinate quite often. That is one drawback to drinking your allotment of water.  You have to use the rest room constantly. I get my allotment of water first thing in the morning. I drink a full 64 oz. of water. By 11 a.m., I have to use the rest room every 10 minutes. Either to urinate or to have a bowel  movement.

You will be surprised what drinking your proper amount of water will do for constipation. Just try it for three days and see. I had a bathroom installed in my office. As I said, I value my health more than my car, and we have garages built for our cars don't we?

You might as well prepare for going to the bathroom a lot. You  will also notice that the more water you drink, the less color and odor your urine will have.

Remember, as you fast, the FAST FLUSH process begins. Toxins  flood into your bloodstream and tax all channels of elimination. Water poured into your system eases the burden on the other organs of elimination.

Imagine a very dirty car. It is caked with mud, dust and dirt.  Now imagine that you are asked to clean it. You are given soap powder, a clean rag and tea cup of water. Tell me what is wrong with this picture.

That is the way your body is. Inside, it is caked with grime,  buildup, M.E.S.S. and poison. The fast is the clean rag and the soap powder. It will scrub and lift the M.E.S.S. from your insides. It will cause the filth to be broken down and squeezed out of the tissues. The only problem is that you cannot clean a very dirty car with a small amount of water, no matter how many rags or how many boxes of soap powder you have.


The more water you drink, the faster and more thoroughly the M.E.S.S. will be carried out of your body. The less water you  drink, the more concentrated the loosened and squeezed out toxins will become.


Damage can result from the excess concentration of  poisons. You must keep your body flowing with water. If it seems like I am overemphasizing this point-good. Water can make the difference between life or death, health or disease, tragedy or triumph.

When you begin your fast, weigh yourself. You do not have to  tell anyone your weight. If you weigh 250 pounds, that means you need to drink roughly one and a half to two gallons of water a day, (250 x 75% = 187 oz.; 250  x 100% = 250 oz). A gallon has 128 ounces, a quart has 32 ounces. Get two types of containers. The first type is a container large enough to hold your day's quota of water. The second type is a drinking container. If you need to drink one and a half to two gallons of water a day, first put your two gallons aside for that day.

You then need to schedule when and where you will drink your  water. Get a LARGE glass or tumbler, say 32 oz. You then have to drink 6 to 8 - 32 oz. glasses to meet you allotment of water for the day. The bigger you are,  the more water you can hold. The more water you drink, the greater the flushing effect.

Water cleans, water purifies, water restores, water softens,  water moisturizes and water deodorizes. You must get it in you for it to work.

The human body is 3/4 water, the same as the earth. You may  spend an excessive amount of time running to the rest room, but you will restore and revitalize your body. Sometimes we just need a change of water.

That should be clear enough on that subject. If I have not said  it loud enough I will repeat it again:


I just added one other thing. "PURE" water. During  a fast you should not drink just ANY water, not even mineral water. There is only one type of water that you should drink during a fast. RAIN WATER!

But what if you don't have any rain water?

Rain water goes by another name when it is manmade. It is called "DISTILLED WATER". Distilled water is water that has been boiled and turned into steam. The steam is then cooled (technically called condensed) back into water. When water is turned into steam most of the impurities that are in the water are left behind as solids.

I said "most." There are still some organic compounds left that  can still boil off. Therefore, distilled water is usually filtered to remove any last traces of impurities.

You can buy distilled water at most grocery stores. It is better  to buy it in glass bottles, but glass has become almost impossible to find.  Storing water in plastic, especially the thinner cheap plastic has a tendency to flavor the water.

Sears sells an excellent water distiller for home use. It is not  cheap, but it is excellent. It makes a gallon of freshly distilled water in 6 to 8 hours, and it has a charcoal filter. This may be an expensive alternative since a gallon of distilled water in the grocery store is under $2. Again we have to ask ourselves, would I spend that much to fix up my car?

There is a reason for using distilled water. Spring water or  mineral water may not have the harmful impurities that tap water has, however, they are not preferred for a fast. Distilled water has absolutely nothing in it.  It is as pure as you can get for water.

Mineral water may contain sodium, which more than likely your  body has an excess of. It probably needs to get rid of some. Mineral water may  contain many other minerals that will act as food for a fasting body. It may  slow the fasting process if you are on a pure water fast.

The only thing the experts allow in the water is the juice of a  freshly squeezed lemon. You take one gallon of distilled water and add the juice  of one lemon. Add NO SWEETENER, just the juice of one lemon. No sugar, no honey, no Nutrasweet®, just the juice of one lemon per gallon of distilled water. Do not use store bought lemon juice. Use  the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon.

Why lemon juice?

This gets a little complicated. It has to do with the pH of the  M.E.S.S. toxins, the proper pH of the bloodstream, the metabolizing of the lemon and its neutralizing qualities. I am tempted to skip explaining this, but I won't. I want you to completely understand what you are doing. I do not want to  just tell you to do something without explaining why. You have a right to know, and I have a responsibility to tell you.

Your blood plasma is virtually identical to sea water. The  plasma is what is left without the cells. It is a clear or yellowish fluid. When hemoglobin-rich red blood cells are added to blood plasma, then you have red blood.

The pH of the blood in its correct state is slightly alkaline,  just like sea water. It has a pH in the average person of 7.35 to 7.45. The pH  scale is a logarithmic scale, just like the Richter scale for earthquakes. A logarithmic scale means that each number unit difference represents a factor of 10, not 1.

For example, an earthquake that measures 6 on the Richter scale  is 10 times stronger than one that measures 5, and 100 times stronger than one that measures 4. Each unit represents 10 times the difference either up or down  from the next unit.

pH (which technically means the inverse logarithm of the  hydronium ion concentration) is simply a measure of how acid or alkaline something is. Pure distilled water has a pH of 7.0. Anything below 7 is considered an acid, anything above 7 is considered an alkali or a base.

Blood is an alkali because it has a pH above 7 (7.35 to 7.45).  For good health, blood must be kept at the proper pH. If you have ever owned a marine aquarium (yes, I have one), you know the importance of keeping the pH at  the proper level. Salt water fish are extremely sensitive to changes in pH. To  the fish, the water is their blood. It performs virtually the same functions as the blood in our bodies. If the aquarium pH drifts tremendously, the fish get sick and die. If our blood pH drifts tremendously, we get sick and die.

Things that we take into our bodies are metabolized and waste  products are produced. Drugs (most illegal, and many legal drugs) are in a class called alkaloids. They are alkali in nature, but when they are metabolized in the body they turn into an acid waste product.

Many foods turn into acid waste products. Acid waste products  reduce the pH of the blood and make it more acidic. The more acidic it gets, the  more unhealthy we become, and the more that happens, the closer we get to death.

Lemons are acid fruits, but when metabolized in the body, they  turn into an alkali. They increase the pH of the blood. The M.E.S.S. toxins are acids in the body and the bloodstream. The alkali metabolite of the lemon juice helps to neutralize the acid of the M.E.S.S. and helps in the elimination and cleansing process.

Do not ask me about oranges, grapefruits or tangerines. Use just one lemon per gallon of distilled water. One fresh lemon that is fresh squeezed.

We have covered the water of the external washing. We have  covered the water of the internal washing from the top end. Remember, I said  from both ends. I hear you screaming, "But there is only one other end!" Guess what, "You've got to wash out your. . ."