Most Important 2 Know

The Most Important Thing

To Know About Fasting

This one thing is the foundational knowledge for fasting for health.

Listen to it! Digest It! Remember  It!


When you stop eating, the body starts to purify itself



and eliminate toxins!


Upon this law rest all the laws of the healing of the body through fasting.

This law sounds simple, it is. It has profound meaning and effect. It is because of this that the major medical benefit of fasting takes place (besides the spiritual aspects). When the body stops taking in food, it starts to eliminate the filth and the toxins.


It is because of this effect, that I shall call "FAST  FLUSH", that we experience many of the so called "bad" effects of a fast.  When FAST FLUSH starts to occur, we can feel terrible. Can you imagine how much undesirable residue builds up in your body over the years? Years of smoking or breathing in smoke and pollution-filled air carries pollutants to the lungs, then to the bloodstream, then to the tissues.

We have years of eating dead and diseased foods. Our foods are filled with chemical preservatives and additives, chemical perfumes, dyes and such, and all of this is housed in the tissues of our bodies. It is understandable that cancer is on a rampage when it was virtually unheard of 100 years ago.

It is understandable that our skin is drier than ever, needing moisture but unable to get it. Look at the lotion section in your drug or  grocery store and see how many of the lotions are now for Extra Dry Skin. As our tissues become laden with chemical overload, we are drying from the inside out.

No one needs to point out the condition of our environment, the quality of our food supply, and the health crisis in the nation. What we need is help in cleansing ourselves of the filth. The FAST FLUSH is one such way. God's infinite intelligence designed a self-cleansing mechanism within us, all we have to do is turn on the self cleaning button. You can not cook in a self-cleaning oven while it is cleaning itself.

This is also true with the human body. You can not continue to stuff food into it while it is trying to purify itself.

Let me explain how the FAST FLUSH system works.

In a nutshell, "I don't know." No one else knows either, they  just know that it works. When the body "fasts," it "flushes."

We all go through a mini FAST FLUSH each night. When we sleep, the body goes into FAST FLUSH mode and tries to detoxify itself and get rid of the poisons. When we wake up in the morning we notice it as "Morning Breath." It is the FAST FLUSH process beginning.

The more polluted your body,
the more the FAST FLUSH will bring out.

This principle can not be overemphasized because it is so important and it is the basis of healthful fasting.

The FAST FLUSH effect is also the  dangerous part.

When a person fasts, it is not the lack of nutrition or STARVATION that is the danger. The danger is the elimination of  toxins that can dump DECADES of accumulated poisons in the bloodstream and colon and could literally cause you to die of TOXIC SHOCK.

You will not die of starvation, not in America at least. Let me make clear the difference between fasting and starving, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

Fasting is the voluntary abstinence from food for a time while the body feeds upon its fat, waste, and stored energy in the form of glycogen. When that fat, waste, and stored energy are used up, then the body will begin to feed upon healthy lean tissue and that's when the body enters into the state called starvation.

Television shows pictures of children from impoverished countries with swollen bellies and bald heads. They are undergoing starvation, which is severe malnutrition.

I spent a week at the beach in Florida while fasting. Guess what I saw strolling up and down the beach day and night. I saw men, executive, well to do men, strolling in bathing suits with swollen bellies and bald heads. A different country, different circumstances, different extremes, but the same effect, SEVERE MALNUTRITION! Eating food with NO NUTRITION has similar results as having nothing to eat all.

A person who is fasting is NOT STARVING. If  they continued until they used up all of their fat, wastes, and energy reserves they would enter into a state of starvation, but that rarely happens and that is not where the danger lies. The body will give signs when it is about to go into starvation. Most people have so much fat on them that they would have to fast over 40 days before their bodies even thought about going into starvation. The real danger for the average faster is in the poisons that are released, not starvation.

FAST FLUSH is real.
FAST FLUSH happens
and it will happen to you when you fast.


When we stop eating, all of the energy that is normally directed into digestion is freed. The body then begins the process of trying to eliminate poisonous waste.

We think of the organs of elimination as only being the bowels (colon) and the urinary system. If we do not urinate it out or have a bowel movement (BM) we think that it does not come out. That's not true.  There are other organs of elimination. "What others?", I hear you asking. "All I  do is urinate and BM."

The largest organ in the body is also an organ of elimination. The skin is the largest organ in the body (yes, the skin is considered an organ) and it is an organ of elimination. The most usual form is  perspiration (sweat). When the other organs of elimination can't handle the load or if they are somehow clogged and inefficient, then Multiple Emissions of Systemic Sanitation or M.E.S.S. for short, must come out through the skin.

M.E.S.S. causes pimples, zits, acne, blotches, blemishes, pustules, dryness, and a host of other skin problems. The M.E.S.S. comes out through the skin. When M.E.S.S. comes out on the skin, it not only causes the skin to look bad, yes, you guessed it, it causes the skin or the person in the skin to SMELL BAD, too. Now the bad smell is actually caused by the bacteria that grows on the M.E.S.S. once it comes out on the skin, but it all boils down to the same thing.

One thing that you will likely notice during a fast is a marked  increase in body odor of the offensive smelling kind. The body is trying to purify itself. DO NOT BE ALARMED. That is why it is vitally important to understand the main principle of fasting,

When you stop eating, the body starts to purify itself and eliminate toxins or M.E.S.S.!

The M.E.S.S. does not smell good coming out. You may find that your body odor increases drastically during the first phase of a fast. Mine started after only two days of the prefast preparation. Because I understood the FAST FLUSH phenomenon it did not concern me. In fact, I felt good about it because I knew this was only my body purifying itself and the odor was only M.E.S.S. poisons being eliminated from my body. I did not try to cover up the odor with deodorant. An antiperspirant would only slow down the process by blocking in the very M.E.S.S. I was trying to get rid of. Just keep your distance from people or at least have them informed of what is happening within your body.

Often the M.E.S.S. toxins coming out through your skin can cause a temporary rash as the body purges them from your system. The M.E.S.S. toxins do not look good coming out either.

The story of the M.E.S.S. toxins coming out gets worse, or better, depending on how you look at it.

Not only can the M.E.S.S. toxins come out through your skin but they also come out through another organ of elimination, the lungs. When a person drinks alcohol or eats garlic, both have one thing in common. Both alcohol and garlic enter the bloodstream.

When they enter the bloodstream, each releases its chemical directly from the bloodstream into the lungs. Then it goes from the lungs straight to your breath. That's why mouthwash and breath mints do not help much with alcohol or garlic.

The chemicals from the alcohol and the garlic are in the bloodstream and it is not a matter of deodorizing, it is a matter of getting them out of the bloodstream.

When the body stops eating, the M.E.S.S. toxins areliterally squeezed from the tissues and into the bloodstream.

The bloodstream then struggles to get rid of them any way it can and the first available avenue is often the lungs.

When M.E.S.S. toxins come out through the lungs, simply put.  . . your breath will stink. With any fast over three days, I can just about guarantee this will occur. There are ways to minimize the unpleasant body odor social effects of fasting. I will discuss that in the chapter on what to do during the fast.

When FAST FLUSH happens, stuff we never even knew was in our  bodies starts to be flushed out. We start to FLUSH out drugs (legal and illegal), nicotine, caffeine, pesticides, preservatives, etc. These chemicals can lie stored in our tissues for longer than we would dare imagine. Many of these toxins have been in our bodies since childhood. None of this M.E.S.S. looks or smells good coming out. It's a blessing that we are getting it out of our bodies before it makes us sick or sicker.

As unpleasant as the body odor and bad breath may sound, that is not the difficult part. "What is worse than that?" I hear you screaming.

How the M.E.S.S. makes you feel
is worse than that.

As the M.E.S.S. toxins impact your bloodstream and flood from your tissues, they can make you feel terrible. You will feel drained, you may be weak, tired, listless, rundown, beat down, and only fit to lie down.

It is  still because of FAST FLUSH.

Your body is going through a massive cleansing.  You now have more FREED M.E.S.S. toxins floating in your bloodstream than ever before. Your body is now diverting all available energy to cleansing your system. Yes, you may feel tired. The more toxic your system, the more exhausted you will feel. It is NOT LACK OF FOOD that has you weak and exhausted, it is the toxins.

The minute you eat the cleaning process will stop.  The M.E.S.S. toxins will stop pouring out. Your breath and body odor will clear up, and things will go back to the toxic condition that you were in before. When this happens people mistakenly believe that "THE FOOD" gave them energy and the fast was draining their energy due to no nourishment. Long term fasters will tell you that the energy usually increases after the 15th day to beyond what it was before the fast began. ENERGY INCREASES AFTER THEY HAVE GOTTEN THE BULK OF THE M.E.S.S. OUT.

The temptation to eat due to the effects of  M.E.S.S. coming out is great. Eating will eliminate the negative feeling, but enduring to the end of the fast will have a greater positive impact on your health.

Each person's reaction to M.E.S.S. coming out may be different. I tasted metallic chemicals in my mouth for five days during my last fast. I knew what it was. I was tasting chemicals which had been stored in my body for ages. Even though I have never taken any quantity of medicines or drugs in my life, I had untold poisonous pesticide and pollution residues in my tissues. This was because of the environment and contaminated food I had consumed all my life.

If you have a history of heavy pharmaceutical use, the cleansing could be drastic. If your body is extremely toxic, the outpouring M.E.S.S. can cause serious harm. The next chapter deals with simple ways to tell how toxic you are before you begin to fast.