Quick Fasting

Easy Fasting Instructions

For The 1 To 14 Day Fast


Nathaniel Hawthorne Bronner,  Jr.

Century Systems
Atlanta, GA
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ISBN 0-9631075-1-8
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This book is written for anyone  who wishes to fast from one to fourteen days.

Fasts lasting 21 days or more, should be  conducted under a doctor's professional supervision or with personalized instructions from a natural health professional. (See Chapter 7, Consulting A  Doctor).

Persons on medication or with serious diseases such as diabetes, ulcers, heart disease, kidney or liver malfunction, etc. should consult a doctor before attempting any type of fast.

Pregnant or nursing women should not fast without professional advice.

Be prepared for QUICK FASTING to change your life for the better, just open your mind to the information presented here.

Special thanks:

. . . to my wife, Simone,
who understood why I fasted and brought dinner to the office during the long night hours of research and writing when I was not fasting.

. . . to my proofreaders, Lee Bliss and Traci Bronner,
for their expertise in making technical things clear and easy to read.

. . . to Dr. Stephen Tates,
for his  knowledge of naturopathic medicine, proofreading, suggestions, support and advice taken from many years of fasting and supervising patient  fasts.

. . . to my mother, Robbie Bronner,
for  encouraging me to study to insure my safety.

. . . to my late father, Dr. Nathaniel  Hawthorne Bronner, Sr.,
for my earthly guidance and for pointing to the path of health in mind, body and spirit.

. . . and foremost praise to the Divine Creator,
for directing and protecting me along this path.

Nathaniel  Bronner Jr.


Fasting is powerful. Fasting can cure your body.  Fasting can open spiritual doors. Fasting can help you attain mastery over self.  Fasting can also hurt you if you don't know what you're doing.

Few people know how to fast. It's not as simple as it seems. Any endeavor requires knowledge to get the maximum benefit.

Would you buy a tennis racket or golf clubs without eventually getting some instructions on how to use them? Would you buy a weight set, and without any prior experience, just start throwing weights up in the air? There are many wrong ways to attempt to do a right thing. With something as powerful as fasting, you should know more about it and how to do it properly because it  involves much more than just not eating.

Why should I fast? How long should I fast? Is fasting a good way to lose weight? Should I work while I fast? Can fasting hurt me? Am I too skinny to fast? Am I too fat to fast? How do I prepare for a fast? What is a quick way to tell if my body is in condition for a fast? Do I exercise while I fast? Can I have sex while I fast? These are just a few of the questions this book will answer.

We spend much time figuring out what to eat but when we decide to stop eating, we don't have the proper knowledge to get the  most out of our fast. Often, instead of the fast benefiting our bodies, it does us harm because of our lack of knowledge. Proper knowledge can turn a potentially harmful experience into a blessing that is beyond price.

Observing religious beliefs, seeking God, and maintaining and/or improving one's health are the major reasons for fasting.  Fasting is recognized by every major religion. The benefits of fasting are universally recognized for spiritual development but how many times have you heard anyone tell you how to properly conduct your fast?

I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus, the Christ.  I have been in many churches where the congregation fasted, but not once was anyone told anything about how to fast other than to simply STOP EATING!

There is more to a fast than that  ... MUCH MORE!