How To Take An Enema



First you need the proper equipment. You need at least a 1500 ml (about 1 1/2 quarts) preferably a two quart enema bag. Enema bags are usually sold as a combination enema/douche kit. The bag is the same, the only difference is the nozzle. One type is used for douching the vagina and another type is used  for an enema.

If you can find it, get the type of enema nozzle that has two  holes in it, one at the tip and one on the side behind the tip. I bought this type from the colonic irrigation clinic. Surprisingly, it was a better unit and it was less than half of the cost of the unit from the drug store.

You will need some fresh lemons or brown vinegar, a piece of  thin cloth for straining the lemon juice, a plastic gallon jug, and some lubricant for placing the nozzle in your anus. Do not use petroleum-based products. You may use either natural oil-based products, (MIRACLE OIL® works great for this), pure Olive Oil, or a water soluble lubricant.

You must first prepare the water solution. Fill the plastic jug  with lukewarm water. The water should be around body temperature (95o to 100oF).  Do not have the water too hot. You cannot hold the water in you very long when it is too hot.

Cut the lemon in half, place the cloth over one half and squeeze  the juice into the jug. Repeat for the other half. You may use either lemon juice (best) or brown vinegar (second best) but you do not need both. If you use vinegar, add 2-4 tablespoons of vinegar. Mix the lemon juice or the vinegar in the jug.

Place the enema bag about two to three feet above the floor in  your bathroom. Hooking the enema bag on the doorknob is usually about the right height. The higher the bag is above you, the stronger the flow of water. You do not want the flow too strong. Often the discomfort of an enema comes from two  areas. The water is either too hot or cold, or the bag is too high and the water flows too hard.

The bag must be placed at a point where the tube can easily  reach your anus when you are laying flat on the floor. You can set up your bag on the bathroom floor, in the shower or in the bathtub. You may use STRONG clothes hangers to lower the enema bag from the curtain rod to a point 2-3 feet above you.

Enema bags come with a clamp that fits over the tube near the  nozzle end. Clamp the tube shut. Fill the bag with your warm water solution to the fill line on the bag. You will still have half of the solution left. I recommend that you repeat each enema twice at each session.

Place the jug on the floor and place the nozzle in the jug. Open  the clamp and let about one half cup of the water flow into the jug from the  bag. This removes all the air from the line. You only want water going in you.  You do not need air in there. There is probably enough gas there already.

Place some lubricant on the nozzle. Use your finger to place  some lubricant around your anus. You do not need much, just enough to make it slippery.

Place a towel over the spot where you will lie flat.

You are now ready to begin:

Lie on your LEFT SIDE, not your right, always start an enema on  your LEFT SIDE. There is a good reason for this. I had to look at an anatomical diagram of the intestines to understand why you need to start an enema on your left side.

The colo-rectal tube does not go straight up from your anus. It  makes a 90o turn to the left and then goes up the left side of the body, then it crosses over and goes down the right side of the body (see page 136). If you started an enema on your right side, the water could not go beyond the first few inches. Imagine placing a horseshoe against your stomach with the open end  facing down. Now imagine a tube running from your anus to the LEFT end of the horseshoe. That's about how your colo-rectal tube is made. That is why you MUST start an enema on your left side.


While laying on your left side, gently insert the  nozzle from the enema bag into your anus. The instructions with the bag will  indicate how far to place the nozzle in your anus. Usually two to three inches is as far as it needs to go.

Open the clamp on the nozzle and let the water flow. The first  time you take an enema, the water flowing is a rather odd experience. You become used to it after a few times.

As the water flows in, gently BUT FIRMLY, massage your abdomen where the colon is. This does two things. It helps to break up and release the M.E.S.S. as the water flows in. It also releases trapped air as the water flows  in. As the water flows in, air is displaced.

Constantly massage your abdomen. If you have a transparent bag, turn on your back after 1/3 of the water has gone in. If you do not have a see-through bag you have to estimate when 1/3 of the water has gone in.

Continue to massage your abdomen while on your back. After  another 1/3 of the water has gone in, turn on your right side.

Continue to massage your abdomen while on your right side. After all of the water has gone in, massage your abdomen while turning from your right  side, to your back, to your left side.

Remember, the water is washing the inside of a dirty tube. You  should try to let the water stay in you for 10 to 15 minutes. You may not be able to hold the water in that long. Often the urge to BM becomes urgent after the water has gone in.

When you stand up to BM, shake your stomach from side to side, back and forth, and round and round. You will hear the water sloshing inside you. Imagine a washing machine because that is what is happening inside. The more you can shake and slosh the water, the more cleaning you get, and the more  M.E.S.S. you will break loose. Do not get too vigorous with the shaking if you are not in shape for it. I would not want you to throw your back out of  kilter.

Some suggest that you should just lie there while the water is  in you and move from the left side to your back, then to the right side. I don't  think so. If you are trying to remove M.E.S.S., you need several things to speed it up.

You need a cleaning agent, (water and the lemon juice) and you  need contact time. The longer the water is in contact with the M.E.S.S., the  softer and easier to remove it gets.

You need mechanical action. Mechanical action is simply  scrubbing. When you move and slosh the water, it scrubs. It is the same as a washing machine agitator. When you wash clothes you have a pre-soak cycle, but  the sloshing is where the cleaning takes place. Lie there and pre-soak, but slosh to get the M.E.S.S. out.

You also need to slosh while lying down. Remember the colon is  shaped like a horseshoe and you must make sure the water gets to the right side, not just the left side. While lying on your back, raise your hips and slosh.  That will help the water get evenly distributed throughout the colon.

Hold the water for 10 to 15 minutes or for as long as you can if  you can't hold it 10 to 15 minutes. After the time is up or either you can't hold the water any longer, you are ready to learn how to BM.