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Now I am going to tell you
how to properly BM.

This one piece of knowledge has affected more people and lasted longer than any other single thing that I’ve said.  You BM every day (hopefully one time for each meal).  Once you see the truth and make the change, you will continue to do this for the rest of your life; which should be longer and healthier because you are doing this.

I can hear you saying, "I may not know a lot about fasting, but I know how to BM. I have been BMing all of my life." I know you have been BMing all of your life, but you probably have not been BMing properly.

Again, look at your pets. When they have a BM, what do they do?  Do they sit on a toilet? No. They do not have a toilet. Even if you provided a kitty or doggie toilet, they would not use it. Why? Because they are not supposed to sit while they BM and neither are you!

Look at theqcolon diagram of the colon. The colon is a tube. When you sit, the tube is chinked. You know what happens when you put a kink in a water hose. The water stops flowing or at least it slows down a lot. Eighty percent of all colon cancers occur in the spots where the kinks are.

Most people in primitive countries do not have toilets, but they BM properly because they squat. Squatting straightens out the tube and allows proper contraction of the muscles that assists in BMing. That is how your cat or dog defecates. They squat. So should you.

Not only will it reduce your chances of colon cancer, but you will eliminate much more without the kinks in the tube. Don't take my word for it. TRY IT!

How can you squat on a commode? You can't practically, but you  can imitate the same relative positioning and muscle tension as squatting. I own a device called the Welles Step that helps you. It is really nothing but a raised step that you place your feet on while sitting on the commode.

You can duplicate it very easily.  This is my own invention, but it really works. It is quick and easy and requires no devices.  I no longer use the Welles Step because this works better for me, plus I don’t have to worry about pulling the step out or going to a bathroom where there is a Welles Step.

Don't associate this with the name "Bronner." I don't want this to be called "The Bronner Maneuver." Although if people employed this technique it would save lives and reduce illnesses, I still would rather my name not be attached to it. I can imagine a large sporting event, a man gets up, his friends ask him "Where is he going?" "I going to do a Bronner Maneuver," he replies. I would rather be famous for something else.

When sitting on the toilet, do two things: (see other pics pg. 138) qstool

1. Bend your head forward and down to the position where your head is between your knees. Your back should be as close to parallel to the floor as possible. Your shoulders should touch your knees. Grab your legs between your ankle and knee (the closer you grab to your ankles the better) . Grab your left leg with your left hand and your right leg with your right hand.

2. Pull your shoulders down against your knees and BM.

That's it. By bending forward and placing your head between your knees you effectively straighten the tube out. By pulling your shoulders down you cause muscles to contract that aid in elimination.

You will feel the difference this position makes. You may notice that up to TWICE AS MUCH BM comes out this way. Not only does more come out, it comes out faster and easier. You should ALWAYS BM like this. NEVER BM sitting straight up on a toilet.

I even checked with a chiropractor to make sure this procedure is safe for your back.  It is.

You will always eliminate faster, with less strain and you will eliminate more in this correct position. This is the next best thing to squatting. Now you know HOW to BM properly.

This information alone will be worth hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of times the price that you paid for this book. When your colon is clean, you feel better and have less chance of all diseases. This maneuver, helps to keep your colon clean.

This is an interesting testimony concerning this procedure on how to BM:

I actually demonstrated this procedure on my television program in Atlanta so quite a few people saw it and began practicing it.

I was attending a large conference when a lady ran up to me.

She shouted and pointed at me as she ran towards me, “It’s your fault!  You are the reason for this!” as she held her dress outward to show me that the dress she was wearing was vastly oversized for her.

“I saw you demonstrate how to use the bathroom on TV and I tried it and look what happened!  Now, NONE of my clothes fit because I’ve lost so much weight just from doing what you said!”

I honestly couldn’t tell whether she was praising or fussing at me because she was so animated and her clothes surely didn’t fit.  It looked as if she would need an entirely new wardrobe and I could tell that she had been extremely large from the size of the dress.  Weight loss was a side effect that I hadn’t expected, at least not to the magnitude that the lady showed but who knows what happens when you unblock your colon.

Now that you know how to BM, on with “How To Take An Enema.”
Note: The enema information following is ONLY for those fasting, the How to Use The Bathroom knowledge is for everyone all of the time.

After you have taken the first enema, and had a BM, repeat the exact same procedure with the remainder of the water in the jug. You will usually find that you cannot hold as much water the second time as the first.  You may need to go through the procedure several times to get the entire gallon of water in and out of you.

You feel different after a good enema. Your body knows that it has just eliminated a pile of toxic waste, and you will feel the difference.

Make sure that you keep the nozzle well lubricated with a good lubricant. The enemas are not harmful but your anus could become irritated if proper lubrication is not used for the nozzle.


The first water is the washing of the external body. It is the least important but good for personal hygiene and to allow the skin to rid the body of many poisons.

The second water is to drink 75 to 100 percent of your body weight in pounds converted to ounces of distilled water each day. You may add the freshly squeezed juice of one lemon per gallon of water.

The third water is to take at least one enema per day, with a minimum of a 1500 ml enema bag. Use lemon juice or brown vinegar in the enema water. Slosh the water well when it is in you.  Always use the proper squatting position when you BM.

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