Covering Other Holes


During a fast, particularly a spiritual fast, it is important not just to abstain from food(s), but to undergo a period of physical, mental and spiritual cleansing.

There is a reason the spiritual masters wanted to be alone when they fasted. Because even in the ancient days, most of what they saw and heard among the people of the city was negative.

The human body has nine holes in it, (yes, count them). It is no  coincidence that you play two nine hole rounds of golf. When you combine two people, you have 18 holes, when you play the front and back nine in golf, you play 18 holes. Haven't you ever wondered where they got 18 holes from?

Two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and a mouth make seven holes in the head. For a man, the anus and the penile urethral opening make nine. For a woman the anus and the vagina make nine. Technically, the woman also has a urethral opening, which makes the vagina the tenth hole. Have you ever wondered why men call the golf club house the 19th hole? Where they celebrate and drink?  Just a thought.

During a fast, it is important to pay careful attention to all  the holes. We have discussed the anus, (cleaning the colon and intestines), we have discussed the urethral opening, (drinking plenty of water to flush the  system) and sex. We have discussed the vagina, (sex again).

The other holes of the body are just as important. For the  spiritual fast, they are of utmost importance. When you stop eating, something happens to your mind and spirit.

The mind and spirit go through an initial period of turmoil as  the body is cleaned out. Then the mind becomes peaceful.

It rises above mundane things of the world. You will be  surprised how many things lose their importance when you stop eating for a period of time.

When the body is clean, it becomes like a sponge. A clean rag  will take up dirt faster than a dirty one. When the mind is clean, it also becomes like a sponge. Guard your holes. When fasting, avoid watching television.

Ninety percent of the things on TV are negative. Soap operas,  violent TV shows, distressing situations, twisted relationships and talk shows that address the weirdest, most perverted things that you can imagine are what dominate the television airwaves. Then there is the news.

Every horrible murder, rape, robbery, corruption, war and  conceivable atrocity is distilled from around your city, state, America and the world. They are then concentrated and dropped into your den, living room or bedroom to pour into the waiting holes of your eyes and ears.

You are not just what you eat, but you are what you take in  through ALL of your holes. What you take in will be reflected in what you let out. Just as an animal's diet can be analyzed by its feces, so can yours. Do you  know how much can be told about your health and what is in your system just from a urine sample?

There are five holes in the body that things come out of on a  regular basis: the anus, the urethral opening, the nostrils and the mouth. What  you speak is influenced by what goes into the holes in your head. If you watch constant violence, conflict, wars and twisted relationships on television what comes out of your mouth will reflect what went into your eyes and ears.

You will speak fear, hate, skepticism, doubt for the future, and  trouble into your own life because you have allowed mess to enter into the holes in your head. Guard ALL of your holes. This is not just true during a fast, it is true continually and it is vitally important during a fast. Turn off the  television, turn off the radio, do not read the newspaper (it is also mostly  negative news), stay away from ALL negative influences during your fast. The same advice applies to movies.

If you read, read only those things that will assist you in your  spiritual rise. If you must watch television, carefully screen your programs (in  advance) to watch only those programs that will help you in your spiritual  quest. Remember, television programs are LOADED with FOOD commercials (mostly  unhealthy). DO NOT expose yourself to temptation!

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be  any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Phil 4:8