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"Get yourself some oil because a long fast will cause your skin to dry out," Dick Gregory said.

I perused my mind for any information that would verify that  statement. I couldn't think of any. I knew a lot about dry skin and the etiology (causes) of it. I knew a lot because I had spent a considerable amount of time developing a natural product for dry skin.

I knew that dry skin was a disease. It's epidemic now. Although  it is not considered serious, dry skin does indicate a problem. Your skin should not be dry. Ideally, you should not need a lotion or oil of any kind.  Unfortunately, our bodies are not in an ideal condition.

Dry, scaly, patchy, cracking, peeling, blistering, rough, hard,  and itchy skin is not healthy skin. I knew this from common sense as well as my research. Therefore, I will not throw a lot of technical mumbo jumbo at you. I  trust the obvious and simple things more. Technical terms like epidermis, dermis  and subcutaneous tissue, the various layers of skin, do not really matter.

Skin is dry for one simple reason. It is dry for the same reason  anything else is dry. It is dry because it lacks water or moisture. This may sound like an over simplistic explanation, but it is quite accurate. That is what causes dryness, lack of water.

The reason there is a lack of water is where things get more  complicated. The major cause of constipation is also a lack of water. If you are constipated, try drinking a gallon of water a day for three days. At the end of those three days, you won't be constipated. When things get dry they also get hard (well, not all things). Dryness causes things to get pasty and stiff. You  would be surprised at how many things would be cured by simply drinking a sufficient amount of water each day.

During a fast, you must drink a lot of water. I knew Dick  Gregory knew that I would do this, so why did he say my skin would dry out? This  I could not understand. I thought he had either made a mistake or thought that I would fast without drinking much water. My skin dry out? No way!

Guess what? It dried out.

After the seventh day of fasting, my skin was noticeably dry.  Why? I am not sure nor have I been able to find anyone else who knows. I have a theory, but it is only a theory. I know that the toxic M.E.S.S. coming out can cause rashes and bumps. I have personally experienced that.

It stands to reason that if a toxic body can cause dry skin  without fasting (and it does, just look at the dry skin lotions on the store shelves) then toxins coming out may cause dry skin, too. Toxins cause the skin to dry for two reasons:

First reason :

The body always channels resources to the body parts that are  the most critical. Heat for example, will always be directed away from the extremities to the core (abdomen, chest, and brain area). Your hands and feet may get cold or freeze, but the body will send its last bit of heat to keep the core warm.

The body tends to keep toxins and salts in some type of storage  solution instead of storing them as hard crystals or deposits. That is why if you have excess salt in your body, you may retain water. The body holds the water to keep the salt dissolved.

Your blood plasma is very similar in composition to sea water.  Your blood needs to maintain a very precise specific gravity and pH. Simply put, the specific gravity is how heavy your blood is. Salt water weighs more than fresh water, it has a higher specific gravity. The saltier your body, the more water it needs to retain to keep the specific gravity where it should be. It has  to grab water from all non-critical areas in the same manner the body grabs heat from non-critical areas. As you dump more salt into water, the greater its specific gravity (the heavier it becomes). The only way to bring the specific gravity down is to either get rid of some of the salt or add more water (dilute it). The only way to dilute the water is to get the water from somewhere. Guess where the water comes from. Either you drink more, or it pulls it from what is already there. When the body pulls it from itself, and remember, the human body is over 80 percent water, something has to dry out. The skin is the biggest organ and moist skin is not critical to life.

I use salt as an example, but the blood has many electrolytes,  hormones and other chemicals in it. With our current environmental and dietary conditions, our blood has things in it that are just not meant to be there. So our body makes our skin drier so that our blood and other tissues can become  wetter.

Second reason :

Toxins have a tendency to dry things out. When I fasted, the  chemicals coming out through my breath were of a volatile nature. "Volatile" means they had a high vapor pressure or that they would evaporate rapidly.  Rubbing alcohol is volatile. Drinking alcohol is volatile.

Drinking alcohol is used in many cosmetics when you want to get  a fast drying effect. It is listed on the label as "SD" meaning specially denatured alcohol, the most common type being "SD40 alcohol." "Denaturing" means something has been added to the alcohol so that you cannot drink it. If you did, it would either make you very sick or kill you.

It has to be denatured or poisoned because there is no drinking  alcohol tax paid on cosmetically used alcohol. You can drink alcohol until it destroys your liver, causes you to kill someone (60 percent of all homicides are committed under the influence of alcohol, not drugs), causes an auto accident, causes family violence (ask any battered woman if her husband was  intoxicated when he beat her, chances are it was alcohol), or  causes a heart attack. But you cannot drink alcohol without paying the tax on  it. For the love of money...

Alcohol evaporates quickly, making it ideal for cosmetics.  Alcohol also carries fragrances well. When you splash on perfume or cologne, the  alcohol evaporates quickly, and leaves the fragrance on your skin. Cosmetic alcohol is also much cheaper than pure oil based fragrances.

The major drawback with alcohol on the skin or hair is that  alcohol dries them out. When alcohol goes on skin or hair, it dissolves whatever water or moisture it comes in contact with. When the alcohol evaporates, it takes the water with it, leaving the skin and hair drier.

I believe this phenomenon may be happening with a fast. As  volatile chemical compounds are expelled from the body through the colon, urine, breath and skin, the compounds take water with them. I can't absolutely guarantee that this theory is correct, but I can guarantee that my skin did experience drying exactly as Mr. Gregory had predicted.

So what does that have to do with Jesus saying put some oil on  your head? Remember I told you that I knew a lot about dry skin because of a product that I developed. I developed both a lotion and an oil that contain a total of 7 natural oils, and 14 natural herbal extracts.

I am not here to make a commercial for these products, but I do  have a lot of confidence as well as many testimonials about them. The lotion is called MIRACLE LOTION® and the oil is called MIRACLE OIL®.  Both suitable names from a preacher/chemist.

They are both available in many health food stores and beauty  salons across the country. Many therapeutic massage therapists (not the massage parlor type) use MIRACLE OIL in their professional practice. MIRACLE LOTION was designed especially for dry skin of any type and particularly for those looking for a product that was as close to nature as possible and really worked.

In both products, only the best natural oils and herbs are used,  so don't look for them in the 99� bin. As of this printing, Miracle  Lotion® and Miracle Oil® sell for $9 per 8 oz. bottle.

Both products have a high natural oil content. A perfect blend  of Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Canola Oil, Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Sesame Seed Oil and Wheat Germ Oil are used.

The 14 herbs are Goldenseal, Comfrey, Cherry Bark, Chamomile, Hyssop, Sage, Sheep Sorrell, Henna, Black Walnut, Jaborandi, Wheat Germ, Alfalfa, Yarrow and Slippery Elm Bark.

I collaborated with an herbalist for the oil and herbal blend as  well as the processing method because incorrect extraction or processing methods can kill the effectiveness of many natural ingredients. Improperly extracted herbs may be present in a product, but they are inactivated or "dead".

If your local health food store or beauty salon does not have  MIRACLE OIL® or MIRACLE LOTION®,  they can be ordered by calling 1-800-THE-WOMAN or online on the web at  www.1800thewoman.com. The Woman stands for mother nature. The company accepts Credit Cards and the order lines are open 24 hours-a-day. Your health food store can order them for you to save you postage.

MIRACLE OIL and MIRACLE LOTION help minimize the drying of your skin during a fast. For a long fast, skin drying will probably happen both during and for a period of time after your fast.

Though Jesus meant the anointing of the head with oil for  spiritual and ritual reasons, you do need to anoint your skin with oil or a very good lotion with a high oil content.

Many lotions have a high grease content. Products such as  petrolatum and mineral oil are made from petroleum, the same source for gasoline and motor oil. They do not harm the body, and although many natural health experts speak against petroleum derived products, there is really nothing wrong with them. VASELINE® is pure petrolatum. Petrolatum and mineral oil are not as good for or absorbed as well by the skin as natural vegetable and plant oils. Petroleum oils are also much cheaper. That is why petroleum cosmetics are much cheaper to  manufacture and sell. For a fast, I would use only the best and most natural ingredient products that I could find.

Also, MIRACLE OIL makes a super bath oil. Just a tablespoon in  your bath water will leave your skin feeling quite satiny. It also helps alleviate dry skin and the roughness that can occur during a fast.

That is one of the instructions for any fast that lasts five days or more. Keep your skin lubricated and moisturized with a GOOD product.  There were several other instructions given in this verse in Matthew:

"But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face,  so that it will not be obvious to men that you are fasting, but only to your  Father, who is unseen; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."

The second instruction is perhaps the most important thing for  you to do during your fast. If I had to list the things in order of importance, this would rank as #1.

Just as it is vitally important that you understand the FAST  FLUSH and the M.E.S.S. toxins, it is equally important that you follow this instruction.

It cannot be overemphasized. It should NEVER be neglected. Dick Gregory told me that this was something that I should do daily.  The books that I read all said that I should do this daily.

Do not laugh, frown, feel embarrassed or disgusted when I tell  you what it is. At least listen as I explain why you MUST do this to get the  maximum benefit from your fast. This is not something that most people will talk about.

I can understand that even if most ministers knew this, they  would be reluctant to speak such words from the pulpit. I preached about it in a sermon one Sunday. The congregation laughed so hard until their sides hurt. It may sound funny, comedians often use this subject to make jokes about. No matter how it sounds, no matter how funny or disgusting, it's the truth and if you want your fast to give you the most benefit with the least amount of danger, you had better listen to this.


"Get yourself some oil because a long fast will cause your skin to dry out," Dick Gregory said.


You can laugh until you cry. Laugh, but listen. Be disgusted,  but obedient. Your life and health may depend on it.

Read about the most important thing you should do during your  fast in the next chapter.